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Other Benefits of Foundation Batch

Major part of the syllabus of standard 11Th & 12th is already introduced previous classes. In foundation course, we emphasize on the clearance of basic fundamentals of each topic instead of rote learning.
Students are aware of most of the topic once they reach in 11th & 12th standard, which boost their confidence and develop the zeal of being on the top in thier respective classes. Student then stretch their limits to perform bettter than before.
Apart from gaining fundamental knowledge, a child’s mind gets stimulated because of the mental ability/aptitude sessions which help him to perform better in most of the competitive exams; it also help students to analyze and answer quickly during school examination or external examination.
With the boosted confidence on their curriculum, students are observed that they assist their peers during the study which increases their self-confidence and leadership skills.
foundation course students are mostly meritorius students in school as they are better prepared for examination at school level and competitive examinations.
Non tedious coaching structures helps students to provide enough time for coaching classes, school, self-study and co-curricular activites.